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Updated September 2012

I get lots of enquiries from potential sparkys and students who indicate they would like to buy from our web site, but are concerned about all the bogus Internet companies and do not want to get ripped off.

The following customers have written back to me and Steve regarding our web site. The feedback which follows are their comments not mine or Steve's. I'll leave it up to you to make your own mind about our fidelity.

Dave & Steve

September 2012: Morning Dave, I felt I should share this with you, my son Jake has now passed the 2391 exam thanks for your assistance. Kind Regards Rob

September 2012: Hi Dave Just got my 2391-10 results – I passed (2nd attempt). Thanks for all your help and support, I highly recommend all your material and thank-you kindly for all your support and advice without which my task would have been much harder. Please feel free to put this in your testimonial section on your website. Kind Regards Andy

July 2012: Hi Dave, Steve Just a quick email to say thanks for your help in my preparation for the 2391, which I have just passed. I have now enrolled on the 2391-20, if you have any similar course information on this could you please let me know. Once again lads thanks.

April 2012: Hi, I would like to send a Big thank you for help and support, Your papers are priceless! Peter

March 2012: Hi Dave , Just to let you know Ipassed 302 and 303 this week along with new installation testing precedures and documents, thanks for the revision papers again, I'm taking 304 end of next week and feel confident to pass the fault finding and written exam, 17th on April the 3rd. Thanks again mate kind regards Anthony

September 2011: Hi Dave Thought I'd let you know I passed my 2391 with the help of your revision questions. The written was tough but your revision papers helped me through it. Many thanks Andy

July 2011: Hi Just a quick email to let you know my son has qualified, your papers and books etc that I purchased were a great help over the three years of his course. He actually passed all his third year exams first time - he is so pleased. Keep up the good work. Kind regards Lorna

May 2011: Hi ,just wanted to drop you a short note to say thanks for your help. I have been getting your advice re the 2391-10 and found out that I passed the March 2011 paper. Once again many thanks for your advice which has been a great help. Jim

April 2011: Dave, Can you add some positive feedback to your website. I left a comment in July 2010 to say how useful the papers had been in preparing me for the 2391 exam and how it got me into the groove, prior to the actual exam. I personally found the exam much easier having done your papers. Thankfully I passed on my first attempt at this exam. I would highly recommend your revision material to any prospective candidates, however you must do the work. I did a paper per night for a week leading up to the exam. Again many thanks... Alex.

March 2011: Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for your assistance. With the help of your revision test papers etc I have just received my certificate having passed both parts of the 2391-10. Simon

March 2011: Thanks David With your completed exam papers and replies to frequent emails, have given me the confidants to take the exam in March, you are a fantastic teacher and I will recommend anyone to obtain your revision work from you. Thanks very much. Regards Huw

January 2011: Hi dave n Steve the 2330 maths book has arrived and having had a quick look through it I am delighted to say it's just what I was looking for Keith

December 2010: Hi Steve n Dave Thought I'd pass on that I passed my Level 3 multichoice exam. I scored 95% on principles and 75% on Health & safety. A distinction no less! I worked hard for it and the revision papers you sent me were a real help. They really helped me practise questions and put in me in the right frame of mind. So thanks for the effort you put into to putting these together. Merry Christmas & all the best for the New Year Andy

September 2010: Hi, Just dropping you a line to let you know I passed the June 2391 written test 1st time (not bad for a plumber). Still got the big board practical to do this month. I would 100% recommend your complete revision package to anyone taking this exam in my opinion money very well spent - a sound investment. I used your notes as preparation before doing the course as it is very intense. Anyway thanks again much appreciated. Kevin

September 2010: Hi Dave and Steve, I received my 2391 theory results yesterday and I'm glad to hear Ipassed. I'd like to thank you for the revision papers that Ibought they helped a lot. I will be recomending your site and revision guides to others. Regards James

August 2010: Hi Dave, Today I passed my C&G's 201, 202, 203 and it was awesome thank's to your exam papers it was a great help. Regards. Mehdi.

July 2010: Dave, Steve A big thank you for the revision papers I purchased from you a few months ago in relation to the 2391 exam. I personally have found them very useful and realistic. I felt it got me into the groove and exact format of the exam. When I came to do the exam on 22nd July 2010, I was well prepared and felt I knew a great deal. Although your questions are not exactly the same wording, I feel that by doing them, I gained the required knowledge in any case. I did some previous City and Guilds papers too, but found yours much more useful as you have the answers and comments available. Highly recommended to any forthcoming 2391 students. Although I do not have my result, I am very confident of a pass. Regards Alex.

June 2010: Hi Dave, I just thought I'd let you know that I finally passed the 2391 exam on my third attempt. Your revision papers were an invaluable help, the best investment I've made this year! Many thanks, Bob

June 2010: Paul wrote to us for advice, we helped, Paul replied: "Hi Dave, I have just done exactly what you said and suddenly the coin has dropped! So simple now you have explained things, and I can't thank you enough for your help. Your papers have been incredibly useful explaining the terminology. Thanks for your support and I will be recommending you to other electricians. Hopefully my nerves will hold together Best wishes, Paul"

May 2010: Hello Dave and Steve Just had some great news I have passed the 2391 theory exam, many thanks for your papers they were a great help without them I'm not sure whether I would have eventually cracked it, however it feels good to finally join the 2391 Inspection and Testing club. Keep up the good work Best Wishes Darren

May 2010: To sparky Dave and Steve I'd just like to leave a little feed back, I found your website the night before my first 2391 exam, and was gutted I didn't find it sooner as I found it very helpful, I went on to pass the practical thanks to your guide which I found top class, but I failed the written , so I came back to your site and got all your test papers for a great price I might add compared with some of the books and CDs you can buy..I used them as a practice for my next exam and when it came to taken my next one in Feb. I sailed through it , so to any sparks doing the 2391 I recommend you get all the papers it will be the best buy to help you pass... thanks Dave and Steve keep up the good work.... jerry.p.......

April 2010: Hi guys, Received the exam questions ok thanks very much. At first glance they look exactly what I was after, only wish I had got them a couple of weeks ago! As a student of one of these mainly self study training center's, revision and practice exam materials are scarce so I really appreciate having found your website, as I'm sure many other people in my position will do as well. Regards Stuart

April 2010: Hi Dave and Steve, great news for myself, I passed the 2391 I&T exam, I couldn't have done it without your help, much appreciated, keep up the good work. A really tough exam. Many thanks, Dave W.

March 2010: Dear Dave and Steve, Thank you for delivering the questions. I found the 301 papers really useful in preparation for the gola test. I wish I'd have contacted you a bit sooner before the exam but as you delivered them promptly I got a chance to go through most of them. There were lots of questions and the commentary you added to the answer sheet helped make things a lot clearer in terms of what the question was about and what knowledge was required. In particular, after going through the questions, I found that your answers were a lot more accurate (ie reliably correct) than other test papers I've obtained in the past such as the ones I got when doing the level 2 course. Now I'm trying to get ready for the unit 2 written paper. I'm finding it a bit of shock so far. Mainly because I don't think we've received anything like the level of preparation (from our college) needed to take this exam. It seems like a bit of an after thought but the lesson after the gola test they went through a unit 2 question paper with us. Frustratingly, they wouldn't let us take the question paper home or even take any notes from going through it with them. I've looked at the two 302 papers you sent me which again are good. I would be interested in obtaining more of these if any are available. Thanks a lot, Simon.

Feb 2010: Hi Dave n Steve, Just thought I'd pass on my thanks for the material I bought from you a while back. Just been informed I've passed my 2391 course. I thought the exam was easier than some of your sample papers - or maybe I was better prepared than I thought! I found your samples great not only giving questions and answers but helping give an idea of the required detail and structure required to answer the questions on the papers. I was taught in a college class of 16 people - only 5 passed the course - read into that what you will... Many thanks guys Paul

Dec 2009: Hello, Dave & Steve. I have just passed my 2391, and would like to thank you for the great help of your exam papers, The first ones I did I only got about 35% on Part A which was a real eye opener. It showed me my weakness and helped focus the revision, Also having to write for 2 hours. Your responses to emails were always very fast and useful. Thanks Phil

Nov 2009: Hi Dave and Steve. Re your 2391 Inspection & Testing revision papers. Absolutely brilliant guys. Sit my written 11th Feb 2010 will let you know how I get on. Cheers Robert

Nov 2009: Hi Steve and Dave, Many thanks for the 2330 maths book it has helped me get to grips with all the math involved. I have completed 2330 level 2 and just yesterday got 79.15% in the 301. 1 question off a distinction but hey ho! - Chris

Dear Guys, Thanks a lot for for producing those 2391 revision papers they were just great and informative. Like I had told you I had taken the exam a couple of times and with no luck. Then after working through the papers purchased from yourselves, hey presto my certificate turned up this morning. I'm so chuffed. Thanks again. Rob

June 2009: Lee wrote and asked for some help and advice, Lee was not one of our customers but we replied and gave Lee the answers he was looking for Lee replied: "Hi Dave thank you so much its nice to know somebody who's willing to help, all is clear now cheers.... Many thanks and now I'm off to buy all 6 papers once again thanks very much Lee

June 2009: Lee asked for our help with a particular 2330 inductor (coil) / e.m.f type question, and we provided the answer to his enquiry free of charge and without any commitment to purchase any of our papers, Lee replies. Hi Dave thank you so much its nice to know somebody who's willing to help, all is clear now cheer, .Many thanks and now I'm off to buy all 6 papers - once again thanks very much Lee

June 2009: Hi Dave n Steve Just to let you know the material you supplied was helpful & Ellis has now passed his 301. Many thanks for your help. Dave M

June 2009: Hello I recently purchased 2330 Maths book from you, thanks it was a great help and has helped me pass my 2330 level 3 exams. I am now thinking of enrolling on the 2391 testing and inspection course. Cheers; Steve

April 2009: Hi I've just sat my level 3 2330 gola exam and would like to thank you for your material you provided on your website...very helpful. I managed a pass (58% science & 75% H&S) I thought the pass mark was 60% on both?? still a pass is a pass!. Delwar

Hi Dave - Steve: With regards to the 2330 Maths Book: Just to say thanks on a Great book and the quick shipment of the book thanks again and all the best to you Chris.

Feb 2009: Hendrik wrote to us for help and advice on the 2391, we helped as best as we could, Hendrik replied: "Wow, Thanks so much for this sir. This is great... I'm in good shape now to piece my gameplan together. Can't thank you enough for your prompt and invaluable help on this! Regards, Hendrik"

Hi Dave - Steve: With regards to the 2330 Maths Book: The book is very good and arrived a couple of days ago. Thanks Phil

Hello Steve, Firstly many thanks for the 17 Level 3 Unit 303 and 17 304 ElectroTechnical Type Sample Exam Questions Paper 1 and also for the 2330 Maths Book I brought from you that really is a 'gem' will be priceless in my studies. William

Hi Dave / Steve I have received my 2330 math's book this morning and have had a quick look through this is just what I Have been looking for as I,m doing the 2330 level 3 in the new year and could do with improving my maths skills. Thanks Dave

Originally posted on the IEE Wiring & Regulations forum, reproduced here with the permission of Tom: tombazzer: 'I'll support Alan M's testimonial, I checked out when I was just learning, being a skeptical type of person I downloaded their free Q&A papers and found them helpful, along with loads of free info on the site. I couldn't believe how helpful they were to me. I emailed and asked loads of questions my lecturer couldn't explain and they replied every time. Did they charge me for answering my questions? No not a penny. All I can suggest to any student sparky is to check out this site, and decide for yourself .

Dave - Steve: I had a look through your new 2330 maths book and I think it's great, it explains things very well, I wish my lecturer at college could do the same. I'm still working away on the 2330 level 3 course. Studies going pretty well, but the maths element of the course is not very good. The book is spot on, everything I need is all there. Cheers John.

Hi Dave & Steve Thanks for your quick reply. As a mature student I find the 2330 papers exactly what I need to practice with, as I have not had to do this type of maths for some time (and probably won’t again after the exam)! The college I am at are very good but have limited resources. The way I remember things is by repetition. I look forward to receiving the maths book, I know someone who has it and has helped then a great deal. Keep up the good work. Regards Bob

Sept 2008: Dave, I have passed 2391 theory and practical. I bought 2391 past papers and PIR check list from you, it was a great help. I don't think I would have passed my theory without your check list and the guidance. Thanks Shanti

Aug 2008: Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you. Owen my son passed his 301 at the fourth attempt and only after studying from the papers I bought from you. Thanks guys you're the best!!!! Hazel

June 2008: Paul wrote to us about our 2330 revision papers "These are really really excellent. . Very detailed. . And such a bargain at £3 each Regards Paul

June 2008: Hi Dave I would just like to say how much your 2330 papers helped me pass the 2230 exam (distinction achieved) As far as I'm concerned it is a must for anyone studying towards a level 2 award kind regards Doug

June 2008: Thanks a lot for the 2330 papers these are excellent I Should have no problem in passing my test. Money well spent!!! Daniel

April 2008: Hi, I had to drop you a line just to say how very helpful I have found your website. Regards Howie

Hi Dave Just to let you know I passed the C&G 2391 exam and practical. Thanks for your help. David.

Thanks for your prompt service, I have the exam at the end of the month and this should set me up nicely for it. Mark

Hi Dave. Passed the December 2391 theory exam, would like to say thanks as would never have done it without your sample past exam papers. Will recommend you to other electricians I know sitting the exam in the future. Thanks Nigel.

Hi Steve, I must get across that I really appreciated the 2330 papers and they helped tremendously and the explanations in the answers are great especially with the occasional quips :-) I'll recommend you to one of my tutors at work so they can let the years below me know about your site and hopefully they can use your site too. Regards, Adam

March 2008: Dear Sir Had my exam last Monday and past with a credit although the questions were quite hard and some times worded confusingly I believe having tried your question papers (which I also found hard) I was able to walk into the exam with confidence. Anyway, onto the next part which are fault finding and inspection and testing? I wish to thank you and I have past your web site details on to a few other students I think anybody doing any of the electrical courses will find your question papers very helpful in preparation for the type of questions that will come up in the exams. Douglas

Hi Dave, Just a quick note to thank you for your help! I have just heard that I passed my 2391 exam for December 2007, although I never found your site until the New Year your advice on the 2391 “Inspection & Testing” practical exam helped me no end. I have a couple of work mates who are now thinking about sitting the course and suggested they check your site out! When I spoke to the college tutor about the pass rate there was only 3 out of 12 who passed, which didn’t please him as overall his pass rate has been good. Lee

Many thanks for responding so quickly I have taken your advice and purchased the £33.60 package and will let you know what I feel about them once I have looked at them but going on what I have already received from you they will be extremely helpful many thanks once again. Kim

Hi Dave, I got the good calculator out and got the correct answer, I see that the method I was shown will get me near enough which is OK on a site but not so good in an exam. As I am going over the course again, I have downloaded and entire course, I am finding more and more things that we were never taught or were taught and were just plain wrong. I think I may complain to the provider I used!! Many Thanks for the help, it has cleared this up for me and I should do very much better in my next attempt. If nothing else I am learning some very interesting stuff. Regards Steve

Hello David/Steve, The 2330 questions have been really great. I really only bought them to see what I need to brush up on, but they've been more of a refresher really. I've been so worried about motors that I didn't even really think about studying what we done last year. I got 71/100 so there's still room for improvement. Thanks a lot Nick

Hello again Dave Haven't bothered you for a while but I'm having a bit of trouble with this one - can you help? The paper is June 2004 and the questions are 21 and 24. Calculations are required for Zs and PFC etc, etc Many thanks Martin. And of course we helped Dave

Hi Steve/Dave Just had a quick look at your web site. It looks very good, I'm sure it will be of a great help to me. Thanks in advance, Rob.

Hiya Dave, hope you're well... Just to let you know that I passed my 2391, which came as a great surprise since I seriously thought I'd flunked the written exam! Just have my 17th to get now before I set up my little business. Thanks for all your help with it. Regards, Ben.

Dave, I have just passed the 2391. Your exam papers were a great help. I have recommended them to others who plan to sit the examination. Ben

Hi Dave, This has really opened my eyes as to what the C&G are looking for, no wonder I failed the October 07 exam, when I re-sit in March I’ll take a crystal ball in with me! Andy

Hi Dave / Steve Re your 2330 papers. Great paper and will be of great value to everybody's studies. Best regards Shaun.

Dear Dave, I just took the DEC exam and passed, using some of your examples. Peter

Hi Dave/Steve Yes, I think it's a great idea to have these types of 2330 test paper, makes you think and gives you indications of what your weak and strong areas are. The college we are attending aren't very forthcoming with example papers and when they do come up with the odd one, it's in-house stuff which bears little resemblance to the real exams format. I like your example papers for L3 because they are tougher than any we have had from college and much more to the point of what is required. I especially like the professional touches like the pictures & diagrams included !! Stuart

Dave Just a very quick email to thank you so very much for your help with my 2391 exams. On Tuesday I passed my Practical and last night I took my theory. I would have had no chance with the practical without your notes (in fact the majority of my class failed) I have just got my fingers crossed for the results on the theory know - It was not too bad but you never know. Not sure when the results come through? Thanks once again and keep up the good work. Andrew

Feb 2008: Hello Steve, Sorry for the delay but had my Electrical Science 2330 exam etc so had my head down. I got a distinction so if you want to put that result down to your papers then you are welcome! Yes, they were all good practice questions so I guess it all contributes towards a good result. I shall revisit you for revision material for the next two exams. Many thanks … Eddie.

Dear Dave Thank you for the 3 files which arrived safely this morning. I appreciate all the time and effort it takes to get these together and to get your own web site up and running. It's a very useful service which you are providing. City and Guilds don't seem to have any past papers which they are willing to part with and so its up to the lecturers themselves to think up some good questions!! Thanks again Pat

Thanks Steve, your welcome to use my comments on the website. Having your 2330 question papers provided me with the confidence I lacked before this exam. They also gave me an insight on the type of questions to expect in an exam. Many thanks again - I passed this difficult exam with the help from your papers! Manjeet.

Hi Steve/Dave Buying experience is great, very prompt service and peace of mind using PayPal. The 2330 papers give you a good understanding of the style of questions needed. I am worried about 202 exam so any additional advice / help would be well received. Regards Adam

Dave/Steve All freebies greatly appreciated. To be honest I was glad someone was bothering to provide the service that you do, as from apart from your question sheets, I have had to rely on last years level 2 text books for alternative questions to try and test myself against or as I said the questions set by my college which seem to repeat themselves ad nausea. I must admit, so far this year, it has been a struggle to take in the amount of science, especially motor theory, in such a short space of time. Thanks for your efforts. With best regards Roman

Roman writes again. Dave / Steve I’ve just bought some more of your question & answer paper for the level 3 2330, which I have found really useful. I have my exam on the 17th and it was good to go through a set of questions which were written differently to the sample questions set by my college which were getting to be a bit predictable. Roman

And Again: Hi Dave/Steve I had my exam last Thursday night the 17th. I did all right in the end, I received a distinction with 87.5% for H&S and 83.3% for 2330 electrical principles. Thanks for your study aide. Roman

Hi Mr Dave, I have full appreciation for your help, it is really kind of you. Dom

Hiya Dave, Thanks you very much for the speedy reply. Owen

Dear Mr Dave, Lot more Thanks for your help again. I really appreciate what you sent me. I will be working hard to finish this course as soon as possible. Dom

Hi Dave Thanks for the files, that was really quick I'm astonished at your efficiency! Had a quick look through the papers they are brilliant just what I need thanks again. John

Hi Dave Received above paper in good order. Once again thank you. B regards Chris

Hi there > > I purchased some previous exam papers from you (very good) and I am > therefore curious as to when you are likely to cover the 6th December 20007 > 2391 paper. > > Yours faithfully > > Shaun

Hi Dave. I purchased your complete range of papers in preparation for my 2391 exam. I'm pleased to say that I have passed both parts, which I feel was partly due to the use of your material, for which I say thank you. Gary

Hi Dave Many Thanks for your help I have finally installed Adobe Reader and now have printed off the files. Many Thanks again for all your help Regards. Wendy

Hi Dave thank you for the December 2007 paper. I purchased 16 papers, got the advice on the 2391 practical, which is fantastic and worth its weight in gold. Paul

Thank-you Dave, I have found your notes a great help in deciphering the jargon that is used for the questions. The answers can be given, once we understand what they're asking. Mark

Dave First of all great web site. Its helped me a load already. Andrew

Dave, Thanks for sending me the answers from Oct 07 paper. I took the DEC 07 paper just over a week ago. To be honest couldn't have done it without your papers and have highlighted this to the people on the course and on courses behind me, so thanks again. Daz

Dave, great service and great exam guide mate, helped a lot, sitting 2391 in Belfast, have been spark 5 years now, this course is hard, done the DEC 07 paper tonight, honestly don't think ill pass, questions were asked so backwards, seemed as if it was all stuff we hadn't covered in class, if u are doing a DEC 07 paper let me know. Jason

Dave, thanks for the papers they were invaluable. John

Hi Dave Just a quick line to say thank you for your speedy dispatch, had a quick look at the written questions and papers, they look very good. On the subject of the PIR Checklist, that is pure Gold Dust, it answers all my questions and fears too, it really is that good. I took the decision not to sit the practical this week as you may remember I feel that the course at our local college is not up to scratch. Once again Thanks I will pass your web site address onto those that fail the practical. Many Thanks Les

Dave Thanks, I think that your answer papers are superb, and will strongly recommend them to anyone. Mark

Hi Dave. The info is great and will be a massive help to me. All the best JP

Dave, Thanks. You get my vote on customer service and quality of information. Much appreciated. Marc

Hi Dave, Thanks for taking the time out to answer the question I asked so thoroughly. I understand completely now, Thanks again Dave, I will recommend your services to any of my sparky friends and colleagues who need to take the 2381 or 2391.(2382 or 2392). Best Wishes, Paul

Thank you Dave your a scholar and a gent. I have passed your details onto quite a few people as I have had nothing but good dealings with yourself. cheers daz

Hi Dave Firstly can I say what a good site you have and an what an excellent service you offer. Greatly appreciated Paul

David the exam papers with answers are brilliant references. Chris

Hi Dave, > thanks for the recent papers that I ordered, if only had found your site a few months back. My exams are this week and what a valuable tool your periodic inspection report check sheet is proving to be. I have recommended your web site to all in my group. Again many thanks Lee

Hi Dave, took 2391 three times to date and failed each one miserably, until I found your site. The free info you provide is just dynamite, I have just found out I have passed on my fourth attempt and I put it down to your help, and a little from me as well. Thanks loads I couldn't have passed without your papers. Tom

Aug 2008: Hi David I bought 10 of your completed papers last May (Mike Gorton). I took the June (5th I think) exam and got my result and PASS certificate today. Many thanks for the papers. Don't think I would of done it without them. Thanks Mike Gorton

June 2008: Sergeant Lishman Armed Forces wrote to us for help and advice on the 2391, we offered our humble opinions and advice to the best of our ability Sgt. Lishman replied: "Thank you so much for your support and generosity, just had my I & T exam and confident of a distinction. Looking forward now to the fault finding. Kind regards, Sgt Lishman"

June 2008: Hi, I would like to say what a great revision tool the 2391 revision papers you have sent to me have been. A real bargain well worth the money spent, the answers in the papers are clear and to the point and have corrected my many mistakes I have made while sitting past exams thankyou, and keep up the good work Craig

May 2008: Florin accidentally purchased two identical revision papers by mistake, I immediately upon receiving notification of the identical sales arranged a refund for the second revision paper, and emailed Florin to advise of such Florin replied "Thank you very much I will recommend with pleasure, to others, I appreciate that Many regards Florin J"

Feb 2008: Hi Dave, Speak about efficiency....I'm astonished. ...............Regards George

Best regards to you all

Dave n Steve (B.Eng Hons)

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